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Full Version: Ninja Assasin
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What's everyone think?

Story and casting for the main girl was laughable. Fighting was pretty epic though.
i think that spending the money....
let's wait for the dvd release... or dead DVD release.
Action was good. Everything else was....ehhh....**** it, it was bad.
wachowskis nees to get their shit together.
The Wachowskis were only the producers of this movie. They didn't write or direct it.
they still put their name all over it.
(01-23-2010, 02:47 PM)horsepants416 Wrote: [ -> ]wachowskis nees to get their shit together.
didn't one of them get a sex change?
you mean Laurenne Watchowsky? Tongue
Oh dear.

[Image: 0428_larry_npg.jpg]
Wow, and I thought Larry being a transsexual was just a rumor.
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