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Full Version: The Lights are still on and Development Continues...
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Hey guys,

I just want to take some time to tell you all that even though Morpheus has been posting around the forum's and such Development still continues. The love for MxO is still strong and myself and Morpheus talk quite alot about the Emulator and what could be done in order to fix this feature or that feature. Morpheus works tirelessly on this EMU and all without much help.

First of all I'd like to say:

Thank You Morpheus! Your efforts are WELL appreciated! Keep up the good work!

And finally I'd like to thank those who have rated me I was looking at some of your comments recently and am grateful of your kind words (PS Keep em comin Tongue Only kidding)

Anyway, were now in 2010 and there hasn't been a release yet, however Morpheus wants to get as many features as he can working so that when he hands it out you have quite a few things to do all be them small (like emote button resizing the chat window etc.). This year will be a very good year for the EMU so anyone with coding skills who knows about packet data feel free to jump in and see what you can do Smile

Take Care All!


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