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There are a few things i dont understand about scripture, that obviously cant discuss with people in real life :S but im glad i have yall xD

1. In the first matrix movie, what was up with that silver stuff that neo touched when he was getting unplugged from the matrix after taking the red pill? like he was in the chair, then he touched that mirror, and it was all silvery i was like weird whats going on man...

2. So the prophecy is just another form of control, so what is it about neo that gives him his powers in real world too? is he just really a chosen being? did the other chosen ones also have powers in the real world? i dont believe that the machines made his body a special way so that he would have powers lol, i dunno what to think about it.

3.in the first matrix movie, after neo got unplugged, when the machine thing came to his pod, why did it just release him then flush him down the toilet so to say? and then to be rescued by morpheus and the crew. like is it that easy to rescue redpills these days? the machines do half the work after you disrupt their input/output signal? cause i recall the first time i awoke, the caretaker drone pinned me against my pod and practically fried my brain with its lazer.

4. at the end of the matrix 1 movie, neo calls someone and says, "i am gona show these people what you dont want them to see" etc etc...who is he talking to? and what is he talking about?

hmm thats all i can think of for now, i think there are more, ill update this thread later

I think you may find your answers there.
These are just my answers, I have no authority on this beyond anyone else's opinion Wink

1. I understood that to be the hold of the illusion breaking away. If you consider that Neo's body is actually suspended in a gooey substance not unlike the "silvery stuff" he swallows, it might simply be that the hold of the Matrix's illusion on his perception is waning, but still twisting it. The same goes for the gagging sensation he obviously feels when the silvery stuff flows down his throat, which might be due to the machinery attached to his lungs etc.

4. Bear in mind that the first movie was not intended as the first of a trilogy (as far as I know). In my opinion, he is talking to the viewers of the film, including them in the plot as "blue pills".
1. Some kind of graphic glitch could match it. What will broke your head is.. "Why the broken mirror became a perfect mirror?". Maybe is another reference to "Through the looking glass".

3. Maybe they detected him as invalid and sent to recycle bin. I mean, because we saw that somepeople can disrupt the signal (running man from animatrix), and the machines might sent them to death (it wont be always a HVCF waiting for the one being "dropped").

4. I believe that it wasnt going to be more films but the $$ is always interesting to companies. I think that it's not talking to the other humans, but to the "system" itself, as it should be hearing all through the events hapening inside (as when someone sees the red pills, and that someone is "adquired" by an agent).

On the other hand, i dunno why the matrix didnt make severe changes instead just the deja vu cat scene. All can be explained like a methane gas cloud that confuses their minds! (xD!). Or some flu, whatever you want....
1. His perception of what was happening.

2. The machines messed with Neo's body in the powerplant. The power he displayed was "from the source" and the Oracle explained that's what he felt when he killed those sentinels. He was endowed with the powers to serve his purpose.

3. I think one of the comics explained this. The bots took him for a deceased human and flushed him to be recycled. The crew of the Neb intercepted him

4. He was talking to either the Architect or Dues Ex Machina (the machine that jacked him in to fight Smith at the end of Revolutions). They monitored him with the phone tap which was interrupted. So he sent his message via payphone. btw, the intersection he is at in Downtown while making that call and flying off is the same intersection smith slammed him into the ground in Revolutions. If you press pause or slo-mo, you can see the phone booth.
Quote:1. His perception of what was happening.
I believe so too.

2. I think it was the oracle who said that in the 3d movie. Neos mind is stuck between the matrix and the real world (trainstation?).
So it was somehow possible for him to take the powers he has in the matrix with him to the real world.

3. If Morpheus hadnt saved him he would have died in that liquid. He would have been recycled and used to nourish other humans that are jacked in.

4. Hes probably talking to the system.

Also to derail this a bit Wink:
-Neo was the 6th anomalie. Did you know that 6 is considered the first perfect number?
-Agent Smith could have been Neos predecessor. (*)
-The Merv could have been the first anomalie (*)
-The "real world" could also have been another simulation.(*)

I found a very interesting site somewhere with alot of theories about the matrix.
They had a few examples that supported all these ideas. Wish i could find it again, anyone of you knows it maybe? =/

EDIT: Found it in our factions old forum: Linky
Its just one theorie, but i like it Wink Oh, and its german... sry >.<
In order to fully understand the "how" and "why" of The Matrix you need to have a descent amount of religious knowledge
All 3 movies have deep Christian and Muslim undertones that are carefully executed in the script without offending or glorifying any one's belief's.

The one common denominator in any religion and/or cult is Faith, and the films ran with that principle from start to finish.

Pick up a bible any one of them (since they are all the same) read it cover to cover , you'll find 80% of the movie explained in thoery
neo - jesus basically

which i guess made cypher, Judas Iscariot

Who can guess what the other characters were? lol
(01-15-2010, 08:44 PM)Twaggy Wrote: [ -> ]neo - jesus basically

which i guess made cypher, Judas Iscariot

Who can guess what the other characters were? lol

Well I have a huge mental block ATM but i'd like to think ....

Trinity = Mary Magdalane (sp?)
Satan was represented by Smith and the Merovingian. Each character represented an aspect of Satan. Smith was the evil, corrupting, possessing aspects, while the Merovingian represented the aspects in which the devil struck deals that benefited his self in the end and ruled the underworld.
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