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Full Version: Happy New Year MxO Community
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Dear Community,
i wish everyone a happy new year twenty ten (2010).
The Year 2009 was very special for MxO and for us and i think we could take the time to go back in some monthes ago.

Over a half year ago SOE announce to shut down mxo , and as this was announce some people said "no this is not the end..i dont accept this".

This is where mxoemu.info got borned and with a little progress in server emu and with the power of morpheus we can yet say "it is successful" .

It will take a looong time for a server with such as the features as the real server, but i can imagine that it will be possible.

I will here take the time to thank morpheus and rajko for their great work in the juli 2009 and after that. We tried many things but this both guys together made the "impossible" possible.
Special Thanks goes here for morpheus for his permament effort for MxO and in the project.

The next thank goes to the whole community. I didnt really expect that the interest in MxO will be so high, but at the last days of MxO in july 2009, the community shows SOE "hey WE loved this game, but YOU SOE made it wrong" Smile

So lets start in a good year 2010 and i wish all peoples here the best wishes.
Here, here!
Happy New Year. Can't wait to see you all in-game.
Yup, couldn't have said it better myself Neo. To Morph. and Raj. for giving us hope Smile
Happy New Year. Can't wait for the emu to be up and running. Big Grin
Happy new year to all, bring on 2010, and the Matrix Online !!!
Happy New Years to all !
Road to MXO 2010 !
Lets hope 2010 holds a more enjoyable year regarding the matrix, we shall rise again one day.

One day...

Happy New Year everyone!! As always "Can't wait to see you in-game" Big Grin
Felice anno nuovo, tesori!

Hope to hear more and more of you all in 2010! Maybe even see you, who knows!

Best wishes!
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