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Full Version: Frequently Asked Questions! (Updated 06/02/2010)
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Here are a list of FAQ's (recommended for New Users, courtesy of Gerik):

Gerik Wrote:Did some more picking at it and changed some stuff in it, remember to copy the code from when you reply. =P

Q: "When did this project start?"
Morpheus Wrote:Neo and I became to start working on late may/june of this year 09. So taking june, it would be 5 months + the days in november. Yeah that was about 2 months before closing

Q: "Is the project done?"
A: No.

Q: "How long till the emulator of The Matrix Online is finished?"
A: There's no set completion date, possible finish is between 6 month to a year.

Q: "Will there be any major changes made to the game once finished?"
A: The game will be exactly the same from when SOE had it online.

Q: "Will CR1 be live in this?"
A: No, the development/coding of the emulator is for CR2.

Q: "I see people posting screen shots of them playing MxO, is the emulator done?"
A: Right now, there's only a stand alone client which lets you run around Mega City. The current version allows you to use most emotes and with the help of a third party tool, you may change your appearance.

Q: "How can I run around in this stand alone version?"
A: You can find the FILES AND DIRECTIONS here. A more detailed guide has been made just for you slow, retarded types! It can be found here.

Q: "I can't make a character, should I use one of the already made ones?"
A: Yes, use 'lolcharacter' for now till character creation is working again.

Q: "Where can I find these third party tools?"
A: You can find them right here.

Q: "I don't own the original game discs to install/uninstalled the game when it closed. Do you guys have a download for the game here?"
A: The patched version of the game can be found here, you will need to make a new folder and extract all files into it after downloading. Unpatched versions of the game can be found here and/or here, to patch them, download the patched link and replace the files.

Q: "Are you guys accepting donations from anyone right now?"
A: There's currently no system set up for taking donations.

Q: "Is there any way I can help with this project?"
A: Unless you know how to reverse engineer the game code or analyze packet logs, then no.

If anyone else has ideas for questions that aren't up here, please send Valaro or myself (Gerik) a PM and I'll add them if necessary, thanks.