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Full Version: Some Games You Play to Wait MxoE
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I changed to Bayonetta for a while.

Because the game is cool.. yeah yeah was that.....
Yes and hes been telling me about Bayonetta and it sounds like the biggest most random game ever designed around female breasts apparently Big Grin
boobz? girls?
i thought the game brilliant things were the combos!

.... LOL xD

Doesnt seems to be focused on breast, but guns... huh?

[Image: bayonetta_peligrosa.jpg]

tss some respect. has 40/40 on famitsu, and we know that japanese like the same games as we do!!..... mostly.... a lot... some... ok just two or three
I've had no luck with MMO's.

Started with Earth and Beyond..that shuts down...moved over to Auto Assault...That shuts down and then to MxO...and that shuts down! Confused

When i have free time between work and the What If? project, i've been playing Torchlight which is a really good Diablo-like game with a good price (19.99 on Steam). The only downside is that it's single player only.


^You can download a demo of the game here.
For the others... Autoassault was curious, but a car based mmorpg is gonna be ummm limited. Like Drift City for example. You cant add new content as in a person based one.

Took the 2 hour demo, and Jade dinasty too.

Also tried perfect world international (~level 65) plus malasyan version (level 40) from the same creators (PWI!).

Interesting but doesnt have the good feeling that Diablo has. I can assure that they even ripped some sounds from D2 xD.

For 20€ / 20 $ i can tell you more than 2 games that could do same level of interest and also have multiplayer xD.

Drakensang (if you want it more like oblivion)
Avencast (if you want it more dungeon crawler).

Box included, of course.
I started playing the Cloud Nine Open Beta I dont know why..
Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition?
(12-15-2009, 11:29 AM)Xtank Wrote: [ -> ]Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition?

Needs more Fallout 3 Collector's Edition in here.
doesn't it take like 2 months to finish EVERYTHING in the game?
I dunno, but I did it (achievement-wise). =P
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