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Full Version: The Matrix Online (3 CD) [ISO]
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The Matrix Online is the future of the Matrix, picking up right where the trilogy left off.
The revolution is over, but within the Matrix a secret war still rages - a war of control between the Machines, the Exiles, and the people of Zion.
Come join the continuing storyline of the Matrix where you decide who to oppose and what to believe.
Only your courage and perserverance can protect the lefacy of Neo's sacrifice.
Jack in.

> Explore Every Inch Of The Matrix: Mega City
Experience the most realistic urban environment of any MMO. The Entire City, including every room of every building, is in play.

> Master The Innovative Combat System
Defeat your enemies using devastating martial arts manoeuvres and gunplay. Breakthrough MMO technology produces rich animations and hyper-kinetic battle aequences.

> Retain Character Flexibility
Escape character regret and reconfigure your character's abilities on demand.

Windows Minimum System Requirements: Windows WinMe, Win2K, WinXP or above; 512 MB of RAM; Programmable shader (Radeon 8xxx, 9xxx and above, GeForce 3 Ti and above); DirectX 9 compatible card with 64 MB VRAM; 1.4 gHz CPU; DirectX 9 compatible sound card; 7 GB available HDD space; ATA100/DMA or Faster HD; Broadband Internet Connection
Windows Recommended System Requirements: Windows XP or above; 1 GB of RAM; Radeon 9xxx and above DirectX 9 compatible card; 128 MB VRAM; 2.4 gHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP 2800+; DirectX 9 compatible sound card with EAX support; 10 GB available HDD space; ATA133/DMA or faster HD; Broadband internet connection

The Matrix Online [CD1]
The Matrix Online [CD2]
The Matrix Online [CD3]
Great stuff, I assume the data in the CD will be for CR1... I loved CR1, it'd be great if I could play it single player to relive the CR1 moments! xD
we dont have packets about CR1 (yes i loved it too lol), so i think it isnt possible to make CR1 .
That's ok hehe, CR2 is still MxO and I loved it Big Grin Keep up the good work guy's hehe.
Is there a way to download this without installing those russian addons?
(11-26-2009, 01:06 PM)ShaoX Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a way to download this without installing those russian addons?

Just install the game with your CDs (assuming you have them from what you said in your thread) and download this and replace the files in your MxO folder with them: http://mxoemu.info/forum/thread-64.html
(11-26-2009, 01:06 PM)ShaoX Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a way to download this without installing those russian addons?

its NOT russian addons! its the full game on 3 cd from USA!
tsss the devs are russian
Ah thanks. and please quit telling me its not russian, because if its not that, then google translator is not correct.

and the site with the ISO's had a bunch of russian pop ups.

So, if your not russian, could you tell me so I can quit looking dumb.
server hosting the cds iso is in russia and indeed in russian. Game is english one.

I downloaded (VERY SLOWLY) from there with success without installing any crap. Maybe you should try firefox.

And indeed, no one from dev team is russian (for sure i am not), nor close. Oh well.. durr-man may be closer in continents-wise than others xD.
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