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Full Version: Resource/python - files unpacked^^
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I have today found out, that these files are packed as ZIP .

You have to change before the headers of the files inside the ltp files (It Starts with the String LTP and these you will find often in the files).

If you compare you have only to change the first 4 bytes of these things to ZIP Headers (and dont forget the end byte).

I have done this work for you, and here you can download and extract it normal (it consists maaaaany pyc files , Python binarys).

And same for resource/string_table here :

Told ya that they where "zipped" files! xD. Is was pretty easy to seee, xD:

<header><name><data><header>... xDDDDDDDD

Awesome finding dude!


This opens my mind in future things.. (doodling like homer) Big Grin

Wanna work with files, wanna work with files!, wanna! Big Grin

Dude i got an examn to pass yest, damn you xDDD!
hate ya! xDD.

According to findings, this pyc files match to a 2.3 compiled python bytecode.

That may be (better said "might be") de-compiled using some libs available on 2006 which, of course, only ran on linux OS's. So here we go, trying some Linux machine to put the decompyle in there.

String looks weird with a big file and several minifiles

Monolith looks like the game logic for some calculations and so.
Standard looks like... ummm standard python libs for functions, dunno why they zipped as it were "secrets" :S

Not sure about what info could be extracted from this.. but... i want to know.CoolTongue
Tried on a debian linux box, using libraries... no luck xD.

At most, you can get the functions and some description of the params, but it looks awfully similar to asm code xD.

Dunno where this leads to hehe.

Maybe there are more files on the folders that are zipped too.... worth checking a bit....

(after checking)
seems... nope xD!
No more files with that structure.
Most of this thread looks like it's paraphrasing Bay's guide. But you followed the directions wrong. Read 'em over again.

Proof of concept...



i have these little buggers decompiled somewhere...not much info in it tho, just some clientside checks
and i doubt these "serverside" scripts are active now...because look at this
discovery.clientConsolePrint(sentence.subject.locator, "You need the 'Disarm Traps' ability.")
discovery.clientConsolePrint(sentence.subject.locator, 'Hint: in the console, type \'AddAbility "DisarmTrapsAbility"\'')
That never happens does it ? So i guess its only when MXO is running as both server and client, from the really really old days.
That doubt could be fast resolved rajkosto.
If we take Filemon-itor, we could check if *.ltp files are accessed.

And i told ya... they are. But just called like if they were a dir (i.e. resource/python/standard/XXXX.YYY file) which of course on an standard and unpacked client doesnt exist.

why? dunno


of course they are accessed...the effects and timers and stuff is used from them
i was talking about serverrules.pyc
I believe the whole client console print function displays in the console, NOT the player chat box. So conceivably this stuff could be being executed but we would not have a way of knowing.

The server_rules.pyc is still used. Why they keep CR1 legacy code in I don't know, maybe they are scared of breaking something. But we decompiled versions before and after Februrary. In order to fix the admin abilities exploit, they released an emergency patch which added 1 line of code to server_rules.pyc, which checked that a player's "grant tree" contained an ability that was attempting to be executed. Prior to this the server just assumed item grants were activating the right ability.

But the bottom line is that while editing these files might let you do a few things like pull up old UI, they would have had to make a serious mistake for anything useful to be possible. The server install reputedly contains copies of Monolith.ltb and gameobjects.pkb, so to modify behavior the server's copy would have to be changed.
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